Arctic Torrent

Arctic Torrent 1.2

A free and simple torrent manager with minimum resource usage
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Arctic Torrent is an open source C++ application to manage all your P2P transactions based on torrent files. Its simple layout gives you all the basic information you need to know the progress of your file-sharing operations, and will not take up any more system resources than those strictly necessary.

Unlike more sophisticated torrent clients, Arctic Torrent does not include any fancy interfaces with dozens of options and data. Here you will only find the functionality you need to open your torrent files and monitor their activity. It will tell you the status of your downloads/uploads, how much of the total size has been downloaded and uploaded so far (both as file size and percentage of the completed task), the speed at which your files are being downloaded or uploaded, the number of peers you are sharing your files with, and how many of them have completed their download and are now sending data to you.

Configuring Arctic Torrent is really simple, allowing you to decide on your download and upload speed limits, the port or range of ports you want to use, and the path where you want your files to be stored when downloaded. All in all, a simple and effective tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Takes up minimum resources


  • Lack of functionality to configure each torrent's activity indipendently
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